EXCLUSIVE: Mega Preacher Jamal Bryant Found in Contempt in Baby Mama Legal Battle

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EXCLUSIVE: Mega Preacher Jamal Bryant Found in Contempt in Baby Mama Legal Battle

Jamal Bryant Found in Contempt in Baby Mama Legal Battle

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, mega preacher and ‘The Preachers’ talk show co-host Jamal Bryant was found in contempt of court, for his failure to obtain medical insurance for his child, along with failing to pay for expenses. Now a judge has ordered him to pay up ASAP.

Here’s the latest: On June 6th, the judge came back with his decision on the matter. The order states the issues that Bryant’s baby mama (LaToya Odom) raised were Bryant failing to pay child support on time, failure to provide medical & life insurance and failure to pay 75% of the uninsured medical expenses.

After reviewing the evidence, he found Bryant did not pay his child support untimely. However, he noted that he did fail to obtain medical & life insurance for his kid and failed to pay 75% of the medical expenses.

Bryant was ordered to pay $2,240.19 + $1,018.12 for a grand total of $3,258.31, then he will be purged of contempt.

EXCLUSIVE: Mega Preacher Jamal Bryant Found in Contempt in Baby Mama Legal Battle

Here’s the backstory: LaToya Odom, sued Bryant demanding child support and custody of their minor son, John Karston Bryant, born in 2015. She sought primary physical and legal custody.

Bryant blasted his baby mama saying he was the father and had been paying child support, with the intention of resolving the issues outside of court. However, he said due to her continued harassment he stopped making the payments and decided to let the judge decide.

LaToya blasted the founder of a Baltimore-area megachurch and TV host saying he was living the high life and makes millions from book sales, TV appearances, personal appearances and podcasts.

Back in November, Bryant and his baby mama reached a settlement in the case. LaToya was awarded primary physical custody and Bryant got visitation. The amount of child support was sealed from the public but he was ordered to cover his baby mama’s $13,500 legal bill.

LaToya returned to court demanding the pastor be found in contempt of court. She says he refused to follow the court order. She sought to have the pastor thrown in jail for contempt until he purges himself of said contempt.

Bryant responded, pleading with the judge NOT to throw him in jail for contempt – saying he did not disobey the court order.

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  • Cyn

    Church mess! He has been in numerous situations concerning a woman…even while he was married. I am surprised he still has a thriving church.

  • Jean Battle-Lee


  • Ryan

    All that for just $3,200. She’ll be back with some more foolishness. Beemer or bust.

  • lilkunta

    why is this man still preaching? sh t like this is NOT COOL!

    • kiyoko ono

      I guess anyone can be a preacher nowadays. Evidently you can live like the rest of the world and still have a megachurch.

  • Guest

    If you want to fornicate, make babies, have baby mamas and not pay child support at least sit in the pew and step away from the Pulpit! Church pimping is just sickening1