(EXCLUSIVE) Jay Z – Producer Loses Restraining Order Against LAPD From Releasing Masters To Music Mogul

Jay Z

Jay Z

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, the former Roc-A-Fella producer – who was accused of attempting to extort Jay Z over a collection of the rapper’s master tapes – has returned to court demanding the judge grant him a temporary restraining order against the L.A.P.D. from handing over the valuable masters to the music mogul.

Here’s the latest: On August 10th, Chauncey Mahan went to court and filed a motion for a temporary restraining order against the LAPD from releasing the property including, the Roc-A-Fella masters.

He explains that the previous judge had awarded Jay Z the property, but due to him filing this new lawsuit he believes the items should not be distributed until the end of this case. Chauncey says that the New York judge didn’t have the jurisdiction to order the masters to be given to Jay Z and therefore, none of the items should be given to anyone until the case has concluded.

Jay Z, Beyonce

Jay Z, Beyonce

The man says that Jay Z and the record label would not be harmed if the TRO was granted, which would prohibit the Los Angeles Police Department from releasing the property to any party including the music mogul.

The former Roc-A-Fella engineer claims that he filed this current lawsuit in an attempt to regain his rightful property, that he says was illegally confiscated by the police. He also accuses the defendants of failing to properly provide him with a notice of potential forfeiture.

The Federal Court judge came back a day later and shut down Chauncey’s motion for a temporary restraining order, in which he explains he cannot overrule another judge’s decision especially with the original case taking place in New York and not California like this current suit. The judge denied the motion for a restraining order and directed him to take it up with the Appeal Court.

Here’s the backstory:

Back in 2014, Jay Z’s former sound engineer, Chauncey Mahan, became the center of an alleged theft and extortion plot — all over a collection of the rappers master recordings – which were worth an estimated $15-$20 million.

Jay Z had a massive collection of masters that he recorded between 1998-2002 while at Roc-A-Fella Records, but the masters went missing in 2002 and had been missing for over a decade.

Chauncey allegedly had a number of the masters in a California storage unit. The man had contract with Live Nation – who works with Jay Z under his label Roc Nation – and said he planned to auction off the masters unless he was paid a $100 ‘storage fee’. Eventually an agreement was made for him to hand over the collection and he would be paid $75k.


Jay Z

They agreed to meet up at the storage unit to finalize the deal but when Chauncey arrived he was greeted by the LAPD, who he believed were called by Jay Z’s people. The police detained Mahan and questioned him over the alleged extortion plot. Mahan agreed to hand over the tapes until a judge determined whom the rightful owner was.

The investigation was eventually closed due to Jay Z’s camp not wanting to pursue extortion charges.

Mahan filed a lawsuit against Jay Z around the same time, in which he claimed he was a key producer and creator of Roc-A-Fella’s entire catalog. He demanded he be listed as co-owner of the song copyrights, along with a cut of the profits.

Jay-Z demanded the suit be thrown out and said the former employee was a scam artist. The judge sided with the music mogul and dismissed all the claims, stating the man’s arguments were ‘frivolous’ and awarded him nothing. The judge ordered the man to pay Jay-Z and Roc Nation over $250k for attorney fees. He is currently in the middle of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Then recently, Chauncey returned to court and sued the Law Firm of Reed Smith, LAPD, NYPD and several officers and detectives. He explained the law firm Reed Smith LLP – who represents Roc Nation – were fully aware of his storage unit and the contents. However, they choose to file a “sham” criminal complaint rather than file a civil lawsuit. Chauncey believes the lawyers knew their lies and Jay Z’s celebrity would enable them to properly frame him.

The man said the LAPD and their officers illegally confiscated his property without a court order and unconstitutionally deprived him of his liberty. He claimed they never told him the masters would be taken or given an opportunity to redeem it.

Chauncey accused the police of falsely arresting him after a fraudulent criminal complaint was filed against him over valuable items which resulted in more property being seized illegally.

He filed suit demanding over $100 million dollars in damages.

The law firm – Reed Smith LLP – went to court and demanded all claims be dismissed.

Jay Z

Jay Z

They explained that Chauncey already pleaded in two other civil lawsuits that he was NOT arrested. The firm said this new lawsuit is the latest in a seemingly endless dispute regarding Jay Z’s masters, a dispute he had already lost.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams