Charli Baltimore Calls Flat Tummy Tea “The Donald Trump of Products!”

Charli Baltimore Calls Flat Tummy Tea “The Donald Trump of Products!”

Charli Baltimore and Flat Tummy Tea are at odds and the rapper took to Instagram to expose everything. Charli posted a series of emails from Flat Tummy Tea’s influencer marketing employee, Elijah Simmons. According to the email exchange, on November 14th, Simmons requested that Charli delete two Flat Tummy Tea posts she uploaded to Instagram. However, Charli was confused as to why she was being asked to remove the posts and why the employee was being rude about it.  In her email to Simmons, she wrote,

Excuse me? Is there a problem I’m not aware of?? Because you’re coming off rather non professional without explaining anything. 

Honestly, I don’t like the tone of your email at all. And you’re not offering any explanation or anything which is extremely odd as if I’m degrading your brand in the posts. But I’m sure my followers would like to see how an adult (assuming u are not a minor) talks to a client.  


Charli Baltimore then explained that this is not the first time she’s had an issue with Flat Tummy Tea and that just a year ago they had a previous falling out.

Welp u know the saying ..fool me once ..Shame on u ! Fool me twice anddd that’s what I get for revisiting a relationship with these people @flattummyco! I fulfilled my end of the deal ! They act as if I was mixing it with Henny or something ! The 1st collaboration a few years ago went left because I was hospitalized and unable to post and the man handling the emails at that time couldn’t have cared less ..even after I sent him documents from the hospital . Now this person here ? I have no idea ! This isn’t the only email. He was just adamant about me taking down my last post because their “tea “ wasn’t “ in it ..ok cool ..but then it turned into take all the posts down ? after telling me I did a great job so hey no problem!


Yes !u Pay people to promote “tea”! I don’t know too many people that wouldn’t be like why not …we post for free anyway and promote whatever we wearing for free for fun so why not get paid. My problem @flattummyco is your employees! Why do I always seem to get the ones who think they can speak to adults like they’re children ! Your company went as far as putting a block on my PayPal last year when I was in the hospital for your $ back.Yes, eventually u apologized and rectified the situation, but for your reputation not out of being dead ass wrong!

I digress tho ..per your request your posts were removed. Fuck your tea! And I can take this further with more emails from Elijah or I can pull my receipts from your worker DAN last year telling me to “do a post in the hospital “! In the hospital ? With IVS and tubes ?You people have at the least 5-10 different employees woo me at least 4-5 times a week so please remove me from ur “victim list”.Hire some respectful people and step ya game up . Professional adults don’t DEMAND things from other adults ! Elijah got it sounding like I posted a flat tummy sex tape and he was in it ! ?FOH !!!!oh and P.S.I did say professional adults ! I am always professional unless I feel disrespected and then I can get real petty ! “Sighs “ shoulda listened to @theshaunabrooks

Apparently, Elijah caught wind of Charli’s post about him and sent her another email requesting that she remove that post also. The letter read:

Remove your last post on your page – if your post is not deleted, PayPal will be launching a dispute on your account. 

Charli did not remove the post. Instead, she made another one.

UPDATE: interesting to know ?my lawyer just told me u have a few lawsuits pending against your company! I smell a civil lawsuit ????told y’all ! This is what they do !Please do ! Cause I can’t wait to pull the receipts from when you guys did this EXACT same thing because I was in the hospital ! I will gladly involve my lawyer and let’s see who’s right or wrong ! @flattummyco is the Donald Trump of products ! Fuck y’all! I asked for an explanation as to why the posts needed to be removed and u offered none that’s all  …oh and my email response was Fuck y’all and fuck y’all tea ! So leggo! I will boycott ya shit every day as soon as u go fuckin with my paypal acct ! Oh and they own several companies .I forgot to mention when I was hospitalized it wasn’t a tea they wanted me to promote was a sneaky vaunt bra ! From my hospital bed !!!!! Yezzz how sexy ? GTFOH ….PS! My stomach was flat from the RIP …..your tea had no baring on my waistline

Authored by: TJB Writer