Kenya Moore Husband Doesn’t Want To Be On RHOA: I don’t like how they portray black men.

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Kenya Moore Husband Doesn’t Want To Be On RHOA

The jury is still out as to whether Kenya Moore’s husband, Marc Daly, will appear on the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. According to reports, production wants to chronicle her new marriage and their journey together. However, Kenya and Marc are totally against it. Allegedly, Marc, who is a banker, wants no parts of RHOA, as he doesn’t agree with how they portray black men.

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Kenya is also against having him on the show and doesn’t want the reality TV cameras to jeopardize their relationship. We hear that production is attempting to give her an ultimatum, suggesting that if she doesn’t bring him on the show, she’ll eventually be phased out. Kenya’s argument is that RHOA hired her, not her husband, who is not on her contract. We’re also told that RHOA cast members have already began filming.

P.S. Should Kenya bring her husband on the show? 

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  • Cee Cee Bywayofdc

    Gurl bye!

  • Sheri Edwards

    Get rid of her.

  • Danceroflife

    Kenya is financially solvent and her husband sounds as though he is as well. I think that Kenya should leave the show and move on with her life. The insanely jealous, anti-Kenya Moore fonts will find another reality television personality to unreasonably and obsessively hate, as though they know them personally and thus will become attached to their nurtured negativity by emotionally investing in another “reality” persona to rabidly hate. But in the meantime, Kenya Moore has moved on, twirled into the next chapter of her interesting life and in the pursuit of happiness.

    • Kevin Johnson

      All of this!

  • LindaB

    I do not know if this conundrum is real or a means of introducing Kenya’s husband and a storyline before the pending first episode.