“The Steve Harvey Show” Sued By Audience Member

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"The Steve Harvey Show" Sued By Audience Member

Steve Harvey

“The Steve Harvey Show” Sued By Audience Member

It’s officially time for The Steve Harvey Show to lawyer up. Reportedly, a woman who attended a taping of show as a member of the live audience has hit NBC with a lawsuit. Sandra Munoz claims she fell from a stairway aisle because it failed to install full-length hand rails in its studio.

Munoz filed the lawsuit this week, explaining that she fell to the ground from the stairway after attending a Feb. 17, 2016, taping of Harvey’s daytime television show at the NBC Tower in Chicago.

She says she was assigned a seat in an elevated area and that the producers created a “dangerous condition” and “unreasonable risk of harm” by failing to install full-length handrails. She also claims no staff warned her that the stair aisle was unsafe, or supervised audience members as they came to and from the studio.

Munoz seeks $50,000 in damages on a claim of negligence to cover,

lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, loss of a normal life, and physical and emotional trauma, all of which are permanent.

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  • Girlfriend


    • Kathy E Otey


    • Sonia Dinorah

      Lol haters like you make me SICK

      • Girlfriend

        I do hate him. And good-stay sick, troll.

  • Tell The Truth

    This hoe just lookin’ for a payday!!! I have been to that show and sat in numerous seats and have NEVER had any problems walking up or down the stairs. People always tryin’ to sue for some BS. Dumb ass should have watched where she was walkin’ like everybody else!!

    • LT

      YOU’RE NOT her and she’s not you. And why she gotta be a hoe??? You don’t get it do you? If what she will win her case. #safetyadvisor

  • Kathy E Otey

    This is not about injuries

  • Sonia Dinorah

    I love Steve Harvey…i notice that he has a lot of haters….
    Live and let live…. accident happens but everyone? is quick to sue

    • Linda Burks

      They see that he has plenty of showa in which he’s the host. Which mean moolah.

  • CirrocObama

    I smell a PAYDAY!! Come on yall….dont be fkn stupid. HAND RAILS?!?! Why cant you just walk COREECTLY without EXTENDED HANDRAILS?!?! BLTGP!!
    (Bitch looking to get Paid)

  • CirrocObama

    ALL yoi Muthafkas hate Steve…thats why you feel for this woman.

  • Mitchell

    This bitch is looking for a pay out I hope she losees the case she waits almost a year to report this get the fuck out of here.