Court Hustlin’: Felony Case Against ‘Big Rich Atlanta’s’ Kahdijiha Dismissed

charges dropped-big rich atlanta-kahdijiah rowe-the jasmine brandHands down, if you’re a fan of ‘Big Rich Atlanta‘, then you’ll probably agree that one of the bigger story lines, was the physical altercation between Ashlee Wilson-Hawn and Kahdijiha Rowe that happened during filming. The fight, which was actually shown during the episode, led to Ashlee taking a break from filming and Kahdijiha being charged with felony battery.

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Things got interesting when Ashlee filed a police report which led to Kahdjijiha‘s arrest. Earlier this year, we interviewed Ashelee about the altercation, asking her what she learned from the incident:

I learned no lesson. I didn’t learn a lesson about myself cuz I didn’t think I did anything wrong. I was just doing my job. My job was to show up at my birthday be that uber bi-ch. Bring it. What I did learn, I learned that there’s violence in the world. I was clueless to that. I never even had anybody pop me on the hand. So the fact that it went to violence blew me away. Like still to this day I’m like did that really happen? Do you people really do that?

Fast forward to the present day and the felony battery case that was brought against Kahdijiha was dismissed (official court document attached), and the reality star has been cleared of all charges. Kahdijiha confirmed the news, explaining:

I’m very happy to have this terrible incident behind me, and am ready to move on with my life.

big rich atlanta-charges dropped-kahdija rowe-the jasmine brand

No official statement has yet been released from Ashlee’s camp. In other news, Kahdijiha has launched an online shoetique called Platform Addicts and recently penned and released her first book (inspired and based on the incident) “We are Stronger than Bullying…My Prayer Around the World“. No official news has yet been shared if Big Rich Atlanta will return for another season. Stay tuned! P.S. Check back later next week with our interview with Kahdijiha.