Wendy Williams Faints On TV [VIDEO]

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Wendy Williams Faints On TV

Very alarming news. Wendy Williams fainted on live TV today on her talk show. Williams appeared to be speaking, when her speech became slurred and she fainted, dropping to the floor. See the disturbing clip.

No additional details have been shared.

Update: After commercial break, Wendy returned to the show, explaining that she fainted because she overheated in her Halloween costume. She explained,

That was not a stunt. I overheated in my costume and I passed out. I am a champ, and I am back.

See the clip.

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  • Djphoenix

    Good for her for coming back. This appears to be a difficult time in her life and she is facing it by showing a lot of strength. I get so mad at Wendy sometimes for her attitude and the things she is reported as saying, but I wish her no harm.

  • PhxAzBeauty

    Stop doing the coco Wendy! Its affecting your health.. She looks like a skeleton.

  • morrow

    Judge Mathis was so right when he was on her radio show. The judge said that she does coke and Wendy never denied it. Listen to the interview on You Tube.

  • Dywayne Moody

    To faint live…..I couldn’t imagine nor want to experience. Nor fainting in public…..BUT….I’m glad she came back……hopefully she’s alright……BUT ….why is she looking like…..what the hell is going on with me….like her body is being taken over……….