LisaRaye Responds to Rumors in Interview

 McCoy recently sat down with Jawn Murrary to address the rumors and questions that have been circulating in the entertainment world. Peep a few snippets from the interview:

Jawn Murray: I love that you usually address rumors and gossip head on.
LisaRaye: You have to take things and tackle them head on.  That’s part of the reason the show came to fruition. Divorce is hard and bad by itself, but when you are fighting the president who runs the country, that is something different. That’s next level. When I came back, people were like ‘LisaRaye, did he beat you? Did he bite you? Was it a little Mike Tyson going on over there?’ It was blown up, and it was Internet rumors and gossip and everything. They had made me an Internet tabloid favorite. I decided I was going to take an opportunity here and go ahead and do some business with the ‘show business.’

Jawn Murray: Well, let’s talk about some of the gossip stories out about you now. Are you dating NFL star Chad Ochocinco? There was video of you two out together recently.

LisaRaye: That’s a new one. We went to a milkshake place and had a milkshake there. 

Jawn Murray: So are you dating anyone right now?

LisaRaye: I have learned, and I plead the fifth like Beyonce did, and it’s so elegant. She said, ‘You guys can think what you want to about Jay-Z and I. You guys see us together; you see us doing business together. You see us doing music and whatever. Come up with your own assumption.’ And they did their own thing without letting everybody inside. I don’t think there was any way around my situation when I got married to Michael Misick, the premier of Turks and Caicos Islands, because with me being a celebrity and me being a first lady and the first African-American actress to be a first lady, that was huge not only for us, but for them as well. It was no way around me being able to do a hush-hush kind of thing. This time, when I do get ready to walk down that aisle or find that Prince Charming, I think I’m gonna do it a little bit different this time.

Jawn Murray: You and Vivica A. Fox were once best friends.  How did that relationship end?

LisaRaye: I’m not really sure because when you go through something the way that I have gone through it, you do look for your friends to be there for you, and then you start analyzing. It wasn’t until I did an interview that someone else brought to my attention when they said that they realized Vivica was very in the forefront in the beginning. She was in the wedding, in your special, posing for Jet as BFF’s. Where is Vivica now?  It didn’t dawn on me. I was like, ‘Whoa.  You know what? You’re right. I haven’t talked to her. It was because I was in the thick of mind that made me ………. realize, ‘Where is she?’ I think I feel the hurt not from just losing my friend, but the lack of support and the lack of her coming to me. Even if you’re friends, you take certain things to your grave. If you’re friends, you come and say, ‘Girl, I’m sorry. Either I’ve been going through it or what you have been going through has been too much for me or I don’t know how to help you.’ You would say something. You don’t rely on me to bring the olive branch because I don’t have it; you do. For me, it’s like will you ever be able to trust a person like that again?  Will you ever be able to say to yourself, ‘You are my friend, and we just kinda got in the midst of some craziness?’ I doubt that. And as real and ’bout-it, ’bout-it as both she and I are, I think that it should have been handled in more of an adult manner. Friends go through things, and you can go through things, but the trust factor is not there with me.

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We can all check-out LisaRaye’s new reality show, The Real McCoy on TV One Thursday.