Stylist Antoine Anderson: If Looks Could Kill, His Style Might Body Ya

Let me first start off by saying, I could never be a stylist. I don’t dress for myself. I dress for E’rybody else. Meaning, if I’m with my girlfriend and she says, “Jazz, that looks hot!” I buy or wear it. If my imaginary boyfriend says something “looks good,” done deal.

With that said, I accidentally ran into Washingtonian, Antoine Anderson, who happens to be a popular DC stylist. I’ve been DYING to interview a celeb stylist b/c in my mind, i come back reincarnated as Rachel Zoe. Anywho, I’ve forced him to be my stylist and he’s happily obliged (pix from the shoot soon). He’s styled everyone from Wale, Angel Lola Love, Tabi Bonney and Danella from the Big Tigger Morning Show.

After the skip, read part 1 of my interview with him.

The Jasmine Brand: How did you get started?

Antoine: I started out by doing fashion shows in high schools and styling a lot of my friends for different events like high school dances, proms, movie dates etc. Things just grew from there.

The Jasmine Brand: Is your ability to style others something inherent or is it more like something you studied?—Like were you best dressed in high school and/or is this a talent you studied, developed, and perfected over the years?

Antoine: It is something that I just inherited. I didn’t win “best dressed” in high school but I was known for my style. I was definitley considered one of the best dressed people at Woodrow Wilson High School. I was just always different–even when I was younger. Other kids wore tennis shoes and hoodies and I always came out in a nice loafer and a blazer. Just really clean cut. I love tennis shoes too; I’ve always been a dressier type of dresser since I was young.

The Jasmine Brand: How do you get inspiration when designing an overall look for a musician like Lola Monroe?

Antoine: Lola’s styles is very bossy and it defines the whole Washington D.C area. It is very true to herself, sexy, polished, and bossy.

The Jasmine Brand: What trends are you ready to see go away?

Antoine: I would love to see tights/leggings,the big belts around the stomach, fitted hats,the Cassie hair cut, the saggy jeans with the underwear showing GONE.

Part two posted tomorrow. Antoine’s twitter is @DiddyofDC.