Perez Tweets 50 Cent Pleasantries, Along w/ a Middle Finger

Beef between Perez Hilton and 50 Cent Goes Way back. 50 Cent is known to make a few homophobic jokes. Perez no. fuckin. likey. We found the following pleasant tweets quite freakin entertaining:

Perez started with, ” @50cent I was going to make some crass joke about your deceased mother, who was a lesbian, but I’m not stooping to your vile level.”

And continued with, “@50cent At first I thought you were kidding or just desperate for publicity, but now it is glaringly obvious that you are a proud homophobe.”

Thought that was bad? Nah. He ended the evening with, “@50cent I want you to have a very long life and I hope that all your bastard children grow up to be cocksuckers!” Nice.