Spotted. Stalked. Scene. Clinton Portis @ Becky’s Fund, Kanye West & Soulja Boy

Clinton Portis with Becky Lee and friends at Becky’s Fund’s Second Annual *Walk This Way* Charity Fashion Show. (BTW, they are an amazing organization.)

Check the video for Becky’s Fund after the jump, along w/ Soulja Boy and Kanye West.


Becky’s Fund is a national 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization focused on domestic violence awareness and education which was created by Becky Lee in 2006. Located in Washington D.C. in an office donated by the law firm of Wiltshire and Grannis, Becky’s Fund began with a small goal to give support to those small domestic violence organizations working to serve battered women in marginalized and immigrant communities.

Kanye West & Souldja Boy in studio

(FYI, Portis gets a whole page because whenever I post something on him Y’ALL click it 50 million times! Non freakin stop! I appreciate it though ;-)