Updated: Shaunie O’Neals Plans to Befriend Shaq’s Mistress Backfires

A few months ago, rumor’s were circulating that Shaq’s wife, Shaunie O’Neal, and mistress, Vanessa Lopez were becoming bff’s to strategically join forces to uncover damaging information about Shaq. Shaunie O’Neal, Shaq’s wife, filed for divorce in November, 2009. (Peep the back story here.) While building her case, Shaunie learned of Shaq’s alleged mistress, Vanessa Lopez. The kicker is that this affair was allegedly a 5 year relationship.

A few months ago, Vanessa Lopez also had a press conference, where her lawyer provides some detail about the alleged affair. Here for the clip.

Some mysterious source is claiming that, “She (Shaunie) wanted to convince Vanessa to go public about her affair with Shaq because that way Shaunie could accuse Shaq of adultery, which would nullify the pre-nup and give her more money in the divorce.”

According to Radar Online, the plan seemed to have backfired on Shaunie.

Allegedly, Shaunie reached out to Vanessa, through Shawn Darling, who was working for the family at the time. To date, rumors are circulating that Shaq hacked into Shawn’s computer and Shawn is planning to write a tell-all book. (…#Men.Named.Shawn. Are. Usually.Messy….)

“She reached out to Vanessa last October through Shawn, who was working for the family at the time. Shawn called Vanessa and told her Shaunie wanted to meet her in the food court at her local mall in Orlando. They made plans to meet at Johnny Rockets at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday.” The source said that Shaunie offered Lopez “an incentive” to meet with her.

Vanessa Lopez

Vanessa decided not to meet with Shaunie and alerted Shaq. The issue is that Shaunie signed a confidentiality agreement before marrying Shaq, but confided in Shawn during this ordeal. Our messy homeboy Shawn is now writing a tell-all book and we’re sure he’s going to discuss how Shaunie tried to collaborate w/ his mistress for more $$$.

Awww! Too early for this. More lata.

In other news, Basketball Wives comes back for a second season in December! We. Can’t. Wait.