Soulja Boy Skips Club, Gives Ibiza Night Club the “Middle Finger”

Ibiza can’t get right–or so that’s how it appears. Word has it that Soulja Boy was scheduled to appear and perhaps perform at DC’s Ibiza night club Saturday evening, but never showed.

Earlier Saturday afternoon, Soulja Boy tweeted that he’d be at Ibiza. “WASTED. time to hop on my tour bus and fall asleep and wake up in the DMV!!! #HUHomecoming Ibiizaiaa!!! hope i spell dat shit right… zzzzz”

By the end of the night, Soulja Boy never appeared at the club. I was told by a promoter, that shall remain nameless, that it was one of the promoters fault, not the actual club, and that the business beforehand was not properly taken care of. That’s all he gave me. I stand corrected. Right when Soulja Boy arrived, a big fight broke and his folks escorted him out.

In other news, peep his Wall Street Journal segment.