Shonda Rhimes Says F**k Valentine’s Day + Roland Martin HATES The Holiday

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There’s a funny thing about Valentine’s Day…either you absolutely LOVE it or absolutely DREAD it each year. Such is the case of Scandal creator, Shonda Rhimes. A fan on twitter recently asked the 43-year-old screenwriter/producer how she felt about Vee-Day. Miss Shonda gave an unfiltered version of how she REALLY feels.

February 11, 2013Ooh! See now I’m going to rant: RT “[email protected]missyEv22
something to say for all the ladies who are alone alone in Valentine day perhaps ? Cheer them up maybe ? Calzona spoiler maybe?”

Here is what I say to all the ladies who are alone on Valentines Day: please do not ever use these words “ladies who are alone on Valentine’s Day” together in a sentence ever again. Ever. Again.

Valentine’s Day is just a day. It’s just a day of the year like any other. Go. Be happy with the people you love and who love you. See a friend. Read a book. Flirt with a cute boy (or girl). Dance it out. Watch a movie. Have a party. Build a robot. Stop a Zombie Apocalypse. Take over the Earth. Paint your toenails. Eat soup. DO ANYTHING.

BUT DO NOT buy into the idea that a day created by greeting card companies should be more romantic than other day or should make you feel lonelier than any other day. Cause life is awesome. And that (feeling lonely cause of a day) is stupid. And a waste of perfectly good time. And it makes me do things like write ranty tweets. Because FOR REALS? You’re asking me to cheer up women who are alone of Valentine’s Day? You don’t need cheering up. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. You are perfect and awesome just like you are. You just happen to be listening to someone who says you aren’t. They are idiots. Ignore them.

Because FYI? A lot of great things can happen to you while you are single.

I came up with a show called Grey’s Anatomy while I was single.

Just saying.

F*ck Valentine’s Day. Go do something with your life.

much love,

LOL. I love the ‘paint your toenails’ suggestion. Meanwhile, political correspondent Roland Martin feels the same way. We caught up with him recently (he and his wife hosted the Hope for St. Jude Inaugural Ball Charity Fundraiser) and asked how he felt about the day for lovers.

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He explained:

First thing, I hate Valentines. Valentines is the day for all those men who have ignored their wives or their woman for the whole year, so that’s there kinda get out of jail free card. Also I hate that day because women act like they can’t do anything for their man, ok it’s a two-way street so that’s one of the reasons why I hate that day. My philosophy is ignore Valentines Day, send your woman some flowers on June 14th or October 14th. Plus any woman should tell her man, you a fool for paying four times as much for some roses on February 14th that you could have got 2 months later, that’s first.

He continued to open up about marriage:

I think the thing about marriage is marriage is actually a mirror and so what happens is when you get married you begin to reflect yourself. And what I mean by that is you begin to see who you are cause when you are alone, it’s just you. Your flaws or faults aren’t shown or exposed because there is nothing there to actually expose it. Now to have someone else there all of sudden, you actually begin to see it. And so the most important thing for me is when it comes to marriage is to also understand, this may sound weird for some people, that you have to understand you can be self fish in marriage. And what I mean by that is, you can’t be somebody who is so clingy that you have to understand you have to learn to be by yourself to appreciate being with somebody else.

Well there ya have it…Happy Valentine’s Day! Photo: The Bobby Pen