Kid from “Kid N Play” is Accidentally Arrested

Remember Kid from “Kid N Play?” 47-year-old Kid, better known as Christopher Reid was arrested in Los Angeles on Tuesday August 9th. The 47-year-old rapper/actor was known well for his musical rap career, hairstyle and acting appearances on shows such as “House Party,”Martin” and “Sister Sister.” According to TMZ, the rapper/actor was taken into custody for a warrant, that stems from a 2010 drunk driving case. He was arrested, hit with the DUI and received three years probation. Rumor has it that “Kid” stayed calm throughout the entire arrest and didn’t give the police much trouble. More details later. Update: Kid says that it was a “clerical error” and that he was accidentally arrested. He was quoted saying, “I love L.A. Peace to the Po-Po.”

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