Beyonce to Perform at MVAs, MJ Tribute + Mic Jagger Is A Stan

Beyonce will perform at the controversial ‘Michael Jackson Forever‘ concert in Wales on October 8th. Bey will “beam in” from the US according to concert organizers.  Leona Lewis, Christina AguileraJLSCee-Lo and Alexandra Burke will also perform. UK acts will perform as well but awkwardly have no affiliation or influence from The Late King Of Pop. Beyonce is also set to perform at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, airing on August 28th. 

In other stan news, Mic Jagger is a fan of Beyonce’s music. In an interview with the LA Times, he explained:

If you’re an actual musician, you have to do all kinds of stuff: You have to vaguely listen to what’s going on so that you at least know. [If someone asks] ‘Have you heard Beyoncé’s new single?’ You can’t just say no. And, yeah, I have downloaded Beyoncé’s new single. And that’s a great record. Source