Terrence Howard Leaves Threatening Voicemail “Im going to cut your f***ing throat”

Actor Terrence Howard left a pretty intense voice-mail for a stranger who he thought was calling his wife.

In the beginning of the rant, Howard identifies himself and tells the stranger,

“N**ga, you been calling my wife… If you call my wife again I’m going to come to your house and I’m going to cut your f***ing throat.  Understand that. I’m gonna tell you this one time. You call my wife again, I’m going to kill you.”

Supposedly, the whole thing was a prank on Howard.  How did the prank happen? A few days before, a female friend of the stranger gave out Howard‘s number.  After a night of drinking, the male stranger and the female friend decided to prank call Howard and she professed her love for Terrence via voice-mail.  The number called though wasn’t Terrence Howard‘s but his wife’s.  Presumably, Howard‘s wife questioned him about the voice-mail and that’s when he took matters into his own hands.

A few days later the stranger received another voice-mail from Howard but this one had a very different tone:

“I’m so sorry for calling you and speaking that way. I thought you were somebody that’s been harassing my wife. Please forgive me.”

Terrence and his wife, Michelle Ghent got married in 2010 but in February of 2011 she filed for divorce, although it appears the couple has reconciled.

Peep the audio here.