Basketball Wives LA’s Draya Michele, “Girls are designed to disappoint you.”

26 year-old Draya Michele (real name: Andraya M. Howard) is new to the reality scene. She use to be known for magazines, allegedly dating Chris Brown last year, and a child endangerment arrest in early 2011 (she was accused of leaving her son at home without adequate food or care while she went out to party) . Fast forward to the present day, she’s landed a gig as a cast member on Basketball Wives LA. Since she is not a wife, ex-wife or current girlfriend of any basketball player, she is obviously on the show (or at least in my mind) to provide controversy and/or drama. Peep a few excerpts from her Vibe interview:

On what her actual job(s) is:

“I do everything. Anything and everything I can get my hands on out here in LA, I’m into it. I’m doing my acting, my modeling and starting a business–a million things.”


How she even got considered for the show:

“Basically, now I’m friends with a bunch of wives and I dated a basketball player before. I mean, it was nothing currently or anything like that. It was a couple years ago. No big deal.”

What to expect from the show:

“It’s a lot to look forward to, trust me. It’s nuts. Any situation that you put girls in, it’s going to be a mess. You will definitely see me doing my family thing, my mom thing and my work thing. Anything that is me is going to be on there. Of course, my son is an important part of my life, so I wouldn’t do anything that didn’t involve him. I didn’t leave anything uncovered.”

Her favorite basketball wives:

“I bounce back and forth between Tami and Evelyn. I like different things in each of them, so I bounce back and forth between them. I like them because [they’re feisty], but I have similarities that I see in Evelyn. I am little bit more reserved, and I don’t really like to snap on people and show that side. I don’t think it is really necessary for me to get all crazy, but I can. I definitely have that inside of me. All I need the right person to bring it out.”

Her friends:

“Close friends is a touchy [thing] for me. As far as models go, I like to keep most of them as associates. Girls are designed to disappoint you, so I am very careful and selective of who I call my friends. I don’t really want to shout anybody out as my friend, but I do have some. Everybody don’t hate me. I got a personality that if you know me, you will like me. It just comes off as a little bit cold at first, but eventually I can warm up to anybody if I want to.”

Her fashion sense:

“I basically I like to mix cheap and expensive together, and it works for me. I believe as long as I have on a good shoe, I can wear anything and it looks right. If you are confident in your own skin, you can wear a plastic bag and it is going to look cute. [I love] anything from Urban Outfitters to Neiman Marcus and anything in between. You can catch me in every store from Saks to Forever 21. I am pretty basic. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, but I do like to wear bronzer. If my bronzer is out, I have to run and go get another one. I am also an eyelash girl! I don’t get the strips; I like the individual lashes. That’s something that I can’t live without. Some eyelashes, bronzer and lipgloss goes a long way with me.”

Interesting. So do you love her or hate her so far?

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