The Game’s Wendy Raquel Opens Up About Her Own Marriage, “It has its highs and lows…”

Actress Wendy Raquel is best known for her feisty and bold role as Tasha Mac on the popular show, The Game. And sometimes, it’s assumed that most actors are so good at their role because it is their reality. But in her sit down with Essence magazine, she reveals that she is the exact opposite of her TV role. She’s been married for nine years, has three dogs and runs a non-profit organization called AGC (Amazing Grace Conservatory), which promotes self-esteem and self expression in young actors. Raquel understands the difficulty in balancing her personal life and her job:
“I mean it has its highs and lows and all of that, but we’ve definitely been on a journey together and I can honestly say he’s my best friend.”
And if you’re wondering how her husband handles seeing his wife in romantic scenes with attractive men like, Terrance J and Rick Fox on screen, it ain’t easy.
“You know he’s human. He doesn’t like to watch it. I’m like honey, okay, look this is going to be our retirement right here. But he is definitely a man and it is hard for him, but he does understand.”
On what viewers can expect of her character Tasha Mac, this season:
“Tasha is in search of self and has really come to grips with the fact that she’s put so many things like her son, and the men in her life, ahead of her and it’s finally coming to, look, I’ve got to do this for me and it’s okay to do this for me. Her process of discovering that is a lot.”
Read the full interview here and tune in to BET, January 10th, to catch the new season.