Whitney Houston’s Adopted Son Speaks Out, “I can’t believe she’s actually gone.”


Nick and Bobbi Kristina

I’ll admit that this is the first time that I heard this. But according to HollywoodLife.com, Whitney Houston has a 22-year-old adopted son that she was extremely close to, named Nicholas (Nick) Gordon. Nicholas, who Whitney helped raise, was a pallbearer at the funeral. And as is expected, Nicholas is torn and devastated about Whitney’s death. A source tells the outlet that,

“Nicholas was really close to Whitney…He is very devastated and keeps saying that he can’t believe she’s actually gone.”

And recently, he tweeted:

“Rest in peace..She has always had the most loyal fans and will continue too. Thank you. The Legand will always and forever live on.”

And according to his twitter, the two, he and Bobbi Kristina, consider each other siblings. Meanwhile, Bobbi Kristina is reportedly  back in Atlanta. At the home she shared a photo with her mom in a gated Atlanta neighborhood.