Ja Rule’s Wife Talks Husband’s Prison Stint & New Reality Show [VIDEO]

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Ja Rule and his wife Aisha stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and talked about their new MTV docu-series, Follow the Rules. Plus Ja Rule talks about the hardest part about being in prison, how his life has changed and when we can expect new music.

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Ja Rule told Wendy that he felt his reality show was a “natural progression” from what he was doing. Wendy also asked if he was being teased for “going soft” with his new family reality show. Aisha laughed.

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I think that’s hilarious about the going soft thing. He’s been a dad for 20 years. He’s been soft at home all the time.

Ja Rule jumped in,

It’s about time I got soft.

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Aisha also opened up about how she handled raising three kids on her own while Ja Rule was in prison for two years.

I was devastated because I’m used to having him there with me. He’s the rock, the head of the household. It was hard in the beginning but then I just pulled myself together and did what I had to do.

While talking about fatherhood Ja Rule said prison changed him,

It made me closer to the family. When you’re in the business, we work hard, we move around.We do great financially for the family but sometimes that body is missing, you know? I didn’t really realize that until I was away and couldn’t be with the family.

He added,

You can give money, you can do those things but kids need their fathers and their mothers in the household.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta