She’s Wearing A Ring, But Nia Long Ain’t Married, “Marriage is not a priority.”

Nia Long took to her twitter a couple weeks ago, to tell all of her fans to have a seat… politely, of course. The 41-year-old actress confessed that a lot of people have been congratulating her on a marriage that she’s not in. Because of the diamond band she wears on her ring-finger, people have been assuming that she and her baby’s father, Nigerian basketball player Ime Udoka, are married. But, apparently, that is not the case. Peep her tweets, explaining her relationship status and the reason why she wears that ring.

(Yes, she mixed up her numbers) Anyway, Nia also told Essence, recently, that,

“Marriage is not a priority. We’re happy, I’m happy, the kids are fantastic.”

Well then, we’re happy for her too :)


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[P.S. We interviewed Nia on the red carpet last month, saw the ring and, just like you, assumed she was married. Kicking ourselves now for not being more nosy :)]