Keyshia Cole Publicly Apologizes to Michelle Williams: ‘I Said What I Said Out of Anger’

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What a difference a day and a conversation makes! Like to dope, mature women in the industry, singers Keyshia Cole and Michelle Williams have kissed and made up. The quick and dirty is tension between the two heated up a few days ago, when Michelle attempted to bury the hatchet during an interview with Philly’s Hot 107.9. In short, the Destiny’s Child singer commented on whether or not she had any issues with Keyshia (after Keyshia commented on her Super Bowl Performance). She explained:

I don’t even do twitter beef…..I didn’t tweet that…it didn’t come from my account. I can copy and paste a tweet and make it seem like it came from your account and millions of people are re-tweeting it. I can’t wait to see her [Keyshia Cole] in person so we can really probably talk and say “hey what happened”? Cuz I will say this I was a major fan of hers. That’s my first time even saying that. I understood her story and was rooting for her’ I have a little sister thats adopted. My little sisters mother was a crack addict. My little sister was born with crack cocaine in her system. I can understand where she’s coming from.

She added:

People make mistakes. I don’t hold that against nobody. I want everyone to win.

Fast forward to the present day and it appears the two had an off-line conversation, talking out their differences. Sunday evening, Keyshia publicly apologized on twitter:

I apologize for the mean things I said, it hurt me when you went to your page and saw what u said during my performance. And that still doesn’t make it ok. I said what I said out of anger. And that’s the absolute WRONG time to say things. So can u admit to erasing the tweet that was said about me? So people know that anger came from a hurt place malicious? From a hurt place not a malicious place

Michelle Williams responded:

Apology accepted @KeyshiaCole! We had an amazing conversation and I also say sorry for ANY misunderstandings! I’m so happy this happened!