Steph Curry Defends Wife After Restaurant Backlash

Ayesha & Steph Curry

Steph Curry Claps Back at Wife Ayesha’s Restaurant Backlash

If no one else appreciates Ayesha Curry’s cooking, her husband, Stephen Curry does! The NBA Finals Champ is clapping back at the overflow of negative reviews posted to review site, Yelp, for Ayesha’s restaurant, International Smoke. Many feel that the negativity stems from the fact that the restaurant is located in Houston, TX. The Houston Rockets lost to the Golden State Warriors in this year’s Western Conference Finals. Steph took to Twitter in support of his wife. He says,

Hey @ayeshacurry. Guess I’ll have @EatAtSmoke in Houston 2 Myself twice next year ?????. More Ribs and Shellfish and Burratta and Duck Wings And Instant Bacon And Salmon And Brussels Sprouts and fried Rice and Mac&Cheese and Cornbread and (did I say Ribs) for me! #5StarReview

Some of the negative comments users posted to Yelp read,

Really trying to understand why she would bring this business here…lol GET OUT OF OUR CITY. Keep your nasty bay area food out of Texas. We don’t want it. Any real rockets fans will NEVER step foot into this place. Disgusting.

Ayesha & Steph Curry

Another user expressed,

Yeah, California BBQ in Houston. From the Curry family who dismissed my Rockets from the playoffs. Even if it was not tainted by the evil that is the GSW, I would not eat fresh seafood from Iowa and I sure as heck am not gonna eat BBQ from California. Sprouts and tofu in a nice freshly mowed lawn sauce sure, but BBQ no thanks.

One user wrote,

Garbage, California don’t know anything about BBQ. If you’re supporting this place you don’t know nothing about BBQ either. Probably eat a bunch of so food. Stay out of Houston with that fake BBQ. Go Rockets!!!

By: Miata Shanay 


Authored by: TJB Writer