Ma$e Changes Music Gigs, Tries His Hand @ A&R for French Montana

For the past few weeks, speculations have been flowing about what the next career move for Ma$e will be. The rumor was that he would be signed to Rick Ross’ MMG, but it looks like it may be otherwise. According to Bad Boy rapper, French Montana, Ma$e is working as A&R representative for his debut album, “Excuse My French”. Ma$e also appears on the remix of Montana’s “Everything’s A Go”. There’s no word yet on whether or not Ma$e will return to Bad Boy Records. Montana stated:

“I’m not sure what kind of decisions he’s going to make, [but] I would love to see him in my camp.”

Ma$e appeared on Hot 97 earlier this week and killed any rumors about bad blood between him and P. Diddy. He told Funk Master Flex:

“Nah, we surprised each other. Diddy is Diddy. To this day, I tell people I don’t have no issues with him. I think a lot of times we get put on the other side of each other, just because of history. He’s one of the biggest contributors who ever gave to the church. We’re probably cooler than I thought.”

Stay tuned for this developing story, but in the mean time, how do you feel about a possible Ma$e/Bad Boy reunion?