“My Week In Photos” x the Jasmine Brand

Friends….at least once a week, I’ll share a snapshot of some of the stuff we have going on behind-the-scenes (in hopes of sharing a glimpse of my not-so-exciting world…I often make fun of myself, so feel free to judge me). Above, over the weekend, I stopped at a boutique in LA called ‘Runway Boutique‘.  I copped a pair of leggings and drank up all their juice (they had some bangin’ cup cake thingy’s too).

I have a terrible habit of blinking non-stop, whenever someone takes a photo of me, hence eyes closed. I had a shoot this week and the photog snapped a photo of me in the dressing room w/ my bootleg blackberry…and yes, I still have one! Photos from the shoot’ll be up this week.

With friends (Annika of Tattle Tailzz and Tania :)), avoiding the flash, at Greystone Manor. Long night.