Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman Suggests Kesha Has A Producer In Her Pocket

On her personal blog site, Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman defends and explains her teeter-tottering friendship with Royce, tance with Jennifer and why she’s taken her particular stance with Kesha. In her post, titled ‘Bitch, Bitch & More Bitch’ she even infers that perhaps, Kesha has an advantage because she knows one of the producers. Peep a few excerpts below:


To be clear, upon meeting you, I asked you respectfully to discuss anything you had to say about me…WITH ME. I wasn’t confrontational nor was I argumentative. Of course that part was edited out of the show; however you, Royce and Kenya know what I said. When you spoke to Evelyn about me; it wasn’t what you said, but the fact that you said it. I don’t walk around with boxing gloves on and I don’t fight everyone I meet. I just feel you should’ve been a real woman and brought your concerns “directly” to me. I can assure you that if you had our dealings with each other might not be so rocky.

Do me a favor, don’t be such a liar and manipulator. I know you have friends in high “Executive Producer” places, but let’s keep this all the way real.


I am NOT a bully. People don’t understand that Keisha is NOT innocent in this matter and she does a great deal of lip boxing behind the scenes.  I am not going to try and be respectful when I have been disrespected numerous times…off camera.  If you are bold enough to talk behind my back, then you should be grown enough to handle the repercussions of your actions and words. The editors have done a wonderful job of putting my outbursts on the show but not showing the full chain of events. My outbursts are real, but they are also driven by something which is conveniently being edited out when it comes to Keisha.  Wish I had an executive producer in my pocket…I’m just saying

Tami has also apologized to Keisha:

With that said, do some of you still consider Tami a bully or is Keisha to blame in their escalated confrontation?