(EXCLUSIVE) Birdman – $350K Legal Battle w/ Ex-Employee Over Unpaid Wages Dismissed



theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Birdman scored a victory in the $350K legal battle with his ex-employee – who accused the music mogul of violating labor laws and making him work over $40K without overtime – with the case be dismissed all because the man failed to have the rapper served with the legal papers.

A man named Javier Nuno filed suit against Cash Money Records founder Birdman accusing him of violating labor laws by screwing him out of overtime despite working countless hours for him.

The man said he worked as a non-exempt employee for Birdman aka Bryan Williams from September 2012 to February 23rd 2015, working from the rappers mega-mansion in Florida.

He claimed that he worked in excess of 40 hours a week and was supposed to be paid once a month to the tune of $1K a week for a total of $4K.



Nuno said his hourly rate was $25 an hour for 40 hours a week. However, he explained he worked 30 hours overtime every week and wasn’t paid a dime for those hours, nor was he paid for the 40 hours non-overtime he worked.

He calculated the overtime pay and says he is owed a total of $48,375 for the extra time he worked. The suit accused Birdman of also owing the man a total of 129k for the regular time he worked for him, for a grand total of $177,375 in unpaid wages.

The ex-employee filed suit demanding the money he is owed plus damages for a grand total of $354,750.

Then in December, Nuno filed docs in the case explaining he couldn’t serve Birdman with the legal docs. He said he hired two different process servers to try and get the papers to the music mogul but both failed.

Nuno said that the rapper had been sued numerous times over the years and he believed he knew how to evade being served. He pleaded with the judge to give him more attempts to serve Birdman.

However, the ex-employee couldn’t get the job done and decided to dismiss his entire case on February 4th. He filed a notice of voluntary dismissal which will close the case against Birdman, despite him never even responding to the allegations in the complaint.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams