Lisa Raye Slams ‘Hollywood Exes’ :: “Another show with fighting…WTF Man!”

One actress, by the name of Lisa Raye McCoy, is over reality shows. Specifically, she’s not a fan of VH1’s new show, “Hollywood Exes”. The show premiered this week and features the ex-wives of Prince, R.Kelly, Will Smith, Eddie Murphy and Jose Canseco. And if you’re wondering how Lisa Raye feels about it, well….check her twitter. She tweeted:

“For real??…Another show with fighting, scrapping, throwing….WTF man. Say it aint so HOLLYWOOD exes”

Meanwhile, one of the show’s cast mates says the show is not a typical reality show. Sheree Fletcher, Will Smith’s ex-wife, explains to MTV:

“The exes were the common denominator but not the show; they wanted to focus on us. They wanted to see us in our many facets of life, be it moms or businesswomen or artists, what have you, and life after divorce. It’s got a lot of different dynamics, and I think it’s a very relatable show.”

Hmmmm. If you watched the first episode, do you agree with Lisa Raye’s statement about ‘Hollywood Exes’?