[Video] New “Strip Club Queens” Reality Show features DC’s Stadium

A few weeks ago, I heard rumblings of a new reality show (a dancer had visited a close friend’s spa and mentioned the news in passing), this one featuring a popular DC strip club, called ‘Stadium’. While the details were fuzzy, last week, The Fab Empire confirmed the news. The new show, called ‘Strip Club Queens’ follows the lives of five exotic dancers (a mother, businesswoman, recovering addict, students, music artist and aspiring model). Produced by Newton Media Group, the show delivers an inside look into their lives and the back-stories of each stripper and a glance into the multi-billion dollar strip club industry they operate in.
[vimeo width=”590″ height=”415″]http://vimeo.com/44873160[/vimeo]

No details of a release date have yet been shared. Is this concept too similar to this reality show? And will you tune in or have you had enough of reality TV to last you a lifetime?