[Video] ‘Braxton Family Values’ Cast Talks New Season, Domestic Abuse + Their Secret Ingredient

This week, the Jasmine Brand sat down with the cast of We TV’s Braxton Family Values to discuss their new season (2.5), which started last night. The entire cast (with the exception of Toni Braxton), including Towanda, Tamar, Trina, Traci, and mother Miss Evelyn were quite candid and were just as entertaining in person, as they are on TV.

The Braxton’s dished on everything about reality TV (the biggest lesson they’ve learned thus far, 2.5 seasons in), the new season (what makes this season even better than the past two), domestic violence (their two cents on the alleged drama surrounding Evelyn Lozada and Ochocinco) and more girl talk. Peep a few excerpts below.

On what’s the secret ingredient to the success of ‘Braxton Family Values’:

[Tamar] The secret ingredient is that we’re not cast members, we’re sisters. At the end of the day, if we get into an argument no one’s gonna throw glass or be totally disrespectful. At the end of the day, we’re gonna make up, we’re gonna get along. We’re gonna say I love you. Our mother did a great job raising us as women. We learned how to talk to each other instead of putting our hands up and fighting each other.  Black women get on tv use their opportunity and get on there and get to fighting i just think that’s ridiculous.

On if there’s anything on the new season that they are NOT looking forward to seeing (about themselves) play out on the show:

[Towanda] When Andre and I was talking about the surrogacy. I just wanted to strangle him. I think that was my moment where I wanted to say cut the camera off so i can stab him right there.

[Tamar] We took a trip to St. Lucia and something happened and my reaction was immature and insensitive. If I could go back, I would not be that way.

With the alleged incident between Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco, if any of them have experienced domestic abuse:

[Tamar] I know i definitely have…It’s not something I’m going to give power to. Because i feel that I’m over it. Any platform that I have, if I can help somebody, I [will] help them, but I’m not going to use that platform to give someone the satifaction or that power.

[Towanda] I don’t think anything warrants a man to beat a woman. Whether it was head butting, pinching, punching, pushing. I don’t think a big mouth warrants abuse; whatsoever.

Peep the full interview here.

YouTube Version:
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[Photos & Video: Keeyah Johnson]

-Keeley Nash-Jones, W. Davidson