Pacman Jones Involved In Brawl w/ Airport Employee [VIDEO]

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Involved In Brawl While Defending Himself From Airport Employee

NFL free agent Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones was casually minding his business before being approached at an airport employee in Atlanta. That confrontation quickly turned physical.

According to police,  Jones was walking through the airport when ABM employee, Frank Ragin, made a gesture towards him. When Jones confronts him about it, the two engage in a verbal altercation. Ragin then charges towards Jones, punching him before an all-out fight breaks out.

Pacman may not have gotten the first hit but he certainly got the last. The fight was broken up when Jones landed a knockdown blow to Ragin.  The altercation was caught on video.

Watch The Entire Fight Here. 

Police were called and Ragin was arrested.

Authored by: Eleven8