Stop & Stare : LHHA’s Joseline Hernandez S*x Tape Leaks

One day before the reunion show airs, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s break-out star, Joseline Hernandez is in the media for a rumored controversial video. Somehow, a sex-tape has hit the net, featuring Joseline, (dolo) enjoying herself. If you’re thinking that reality star/singer did this for media attention, you may be wrong. Reportedly, the tape was recorded before the show was aired and taped. Unfortunately, I hafta pay the bills and can’t afford to post the video. Plus, we tryna keep it classy, San Diego. If you’re a pervert (or a lil bi-curious), click here, then read some scriptures (it is Sunday, after all). An in non-sex tape news, Joseline continues to make her rounds hosting parties across the country. Over the weekend, she hit up Houston and St. Louis. [GossipWeLove]