Patti LaBelle Pays $100K For Throwing Water & Obscenities At Child

Honestly, we almost forgot about this case. In 2010, an alleged case came out that the legendary Patti LaBelle had cursed at an 18 month old child and the child’s mother, in her Upper West Side apartment building. So what exactly happened? Roseanna Monk (the mother of the 18 month old, Genevive) says that her daughter was playing near the lobby door apartment building where LaBelle was staying. Roseanna alleges that Ms. Patti became upset (because her daughter was playing in the lobby) shouted the F-word, called her (Roseanna)a “c–t,” and drenched her with bottled water. When Roseanna accused LaBelle of making the girl hysterical, she reportedly became enraged and had to be held back by her entourage and hustled into a waiting car. Court papers said the child, now 3 1/2, has suffered

“personality changes, sleep disorder” and “increased fear of strangers.”

What was the end result? LaBelle opted to settle the case before even being deposed and agreed to pay $100,000, to the plaintiff’s lawyer. [Page Six]