NeNe Leakes Oldest Son Allegedly Has Secret Child, Baby Mama Wants To Do Reality TV

NeNe Leakes Oldest Son Allegedly Has Secret Child, Baby Mama Wants To Do Reality TV

Rumor has it, Nene Leakes‘ eldest son Bryson (aka Brice) has a secret child that the public does not know about. In 2012, Brice and his girlfriend Ashley welcomed their daughter Bri’asia Bryant into the world. In 2015, it was rumored that Brice had another daughter by another woman, though nothing was revealed publicly. There has been a buzz around the net that Brice has other children that have not been acknowledged publicly and now it seems yet another child has surfaced.

A woman by the name of Symone Davis of Indianapolis is claiming that she has a 1 year old son, Blaze Kai, with Brice. Although it’s never been revealed publicly, Symone made a post back in August claiming that Brice was the father. She says they haven’t been in a relationship since 2017 and according to her social media, she has photos referring to Brice as her baby daddy as far back as May 2018. In August she wrote,

So to all you people that keep asking if I really have a baby by #NeneLeakes son #Brice & why I don’t talk about them. Well, your answer is YES! & there’s absolutely nothing to talk about. I am NOT with him. I left him alone way back in 2017. The people close to me know what’s going on btwn him, his family & mine. If it was meant for the world to know, itll be exposed. TRUST ME, the day will come. Until then, I continue to do what I’m doin ?

Earlier in that month, Symone made references to Brice being a deadbeat father.

Neither Brice, Nene or any members of their family attended Blaze’s 1st birthday on October 2nd.

Now Symone is claiming that Brice is stopping her bag because he will not allow her to do reality television, despite being offered multiple opportunities. Over the weekend she wrote,

So we have the opportunity to do 2 reality shows. But this ? refused because he doesn’t want me to embarrass him on TV. Yea, I left him alone back in 2017, but he still wants to be a family. So why not do our own show. He rather flip burgers at Burger King & sleep couch to couch…but ya momma a millionaire. I’m trying to see what the ratings would be for this bc the ? knows I’m comin HARD with my receipts. My mouth has no filter. I like Million Dollar checks?. Where’s my pen?, bishh I’m signing?


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