Veronica Lighty Says They Were Not Getting A Divorce, Denies Debt

Today, the memorial service for 44-year-old music executive, Chris Lighty, will take place today at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel on Madison Avenue. Many of Chris’ close family and friends continue to speculate over what may have taken him over the edge, triggering a suicide. A number reports indicate that an argument with his estranged wife, Veronica Light, and serious debt, may have been the cause. However, in her first interview since his death, Veronica suggests that what has been reported about Chris’ life is untrue. She told the Daily News:

“My husband was too smart of a man. He was a genius. No smart man is going to leave his children for fighting with his wife. That makes absolutely no sense.”

And reports about them arguing before his death and the two heading towards divorce? Absolutely false.

“We had a passionate relationship. We fought all the time. I had filed for divorce last year, but retracted it” [two days before Father’s Day]. That was my gift to him.”

She also noted that they had sold their Chelsea apartment for $5.6 million and moved to an equally luxurious Riverdale townhouse.

“We were not in debt $5 million.”

Chris leaves behind six children, along with Veronica.