[Video] Usher Confesses All in Oprah’s ‘Next Chapter’

Sunday evening, for the fist time, Usher Raymond spoke publicly with Oprah Winfrey since winning custody of his two children, Usher V and Naviyd. During Oprah’s ‘Next Chapter’ segment, Usher discussed his failed marriage to Tameka Raymond (calling off his ceremony initially and defending her to the public), their very public custody trial (why he cried on the stand and the passing of his step-son Kile) and whether or not he was faithful to Tameka. The segment also included Usher’s mother, Jonetta Patton, who discussed thoughts on Usher’s marriage (whether she regrets not attending their wedding ceremony) to Tameka and no longer being his manager.

Peep a few excerpts.

On why he decided to publicly speak now:

Really just give me the opportunity to have a voice.

On everyone telling him not to get married:

It was a pretty wide spread fact. There were a ton of people that believed in the marriage and a ton of people that didn’t. I go back to the moment I decided to call off the wedding the first time. It’s pretty hard to walk away from a high ticket wedding. I always felt like maybe we weren’t ready.

On having a $1million on wedding:

I wanted to give her the wedding that she wanted. I impregnated this woman, we were in a relationship, we were in love.

On if he was upset that his mother didn’t attend his wedding:

My mother definitely told me she didn’t think it was going to work, which also played a great deal in my hesitation. I was upset. If I were in her position, I would’ve come. Just to show support to my child; but I understand it was very hard for her. Single mothers are very protective of their boys.

On if the pressure from outside, of people affected their marriage:

I think it played a great deal in the insecurities that anyone would have. Of course it hurt me; this is supposed to be the light of my life. There were times when we both spoke out and we shouldn’t have.

On when he knew it wasn’t going to work:

Before Naviyd was born, when we had Usher, it was by far one of the most incredible moments of my life. She wasn’t coping well, with being in this position; being married to Usher and all that came w/ that. We tried to talk about it. We had counseling about it.

On if he cheated, during their marriage:

Towards the end of our marriage, I found myself lost and I just wanted out. No, I was faithful at heart, but not faithful all the way.

On if he was separated, when he was unfaithful:

Yes, I was, we were not divorced.

On if he had sex with Tameka’s  bridesmaid:

Well, the conversation about the bridesmaids has been one that’s been very difficult. Outside of my marriage w/ her, I did have exchanges with ‘her’. We were friends; she was someone who was part of the children’s lives before. It was after the marriage.

On how he learned that Kile had been in an unfortunate accident:

I miss Kile and I happened to be in Los Angeles, when I received a call from Tameka. So I reached out to Ryan (Kile’s father), respectfully to get an understanding and he told me there had been a accident. I got her a plane, got her here (Atlanta).

On remembering Kile:

A great part of my life, we laughed, we played. He loved to sing. He loved to dance. He loved to tell jokes.

On rumors that he didn’t attend the funeral:

I absolutely was at the funeral, I was at the burial as well.

On why he cried on the stand:

The fact that I had to conjure up what I had to live in Berlin. I guess there accusation that was I was on drugs.

Jonetta, on Usher winning custody:

I was so excited for him and myself because i know it’s been really hard, it’s a lot of pressure. But for him to receive what he received, what he fought so hard for.

Jonetta, On some saying that no woman is good enough for Usher:

People perceive me as that. No, I do have high standards; there are women that are good enough for him.

Jonetta, On if she wishes now that she attended their wedding:

No, I still don’t. I couldn’t.

Watch the full interview here.

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Overall, what do you think of the interview? Did Usher answer all of the questions and was there something that Usher SHOULD have asked? And should Oprah have also interviewed Tameka Raymond?