A Second Kanye West Sex Tape Circulates, Yeezy Lawyers Up + Girl In Video Speaks Out

Kanye West’s sex tape fiasco continues. Last week, we learned that a 20 minute sex tape including Yeezy and a woman (that highly favors Kim Kardashian) was being shopped around. Reportedly, a company is willing to pay $1 million for the flick. We’ve also seen screen grabs of Yeezy in the flick, circulating on a number of web sites (raises hand). And Yeezy’s camp is none too pleased. C/O of  AllHipHop News, we’ve peeped the cease and desist letter that his lawyer, Lisa M. Buckley, has sent to several media outlets that published purported screenshots of the video (raises hand). His lawyer writes:

“Be advised that the Screen Shot, as well as the Tape from which the Screen Shot was taken, were illegally obtained and believed to have been stolen from Mr. West’s computer… Your posting, advertising, marketing, displaying and otherwise disseminating the Screen Shot and/or other materials on the Tape constitute actionable violations of Mr. West’s rights of privacy and publicity.”

What’s more? Early Monday morning, we’ve learned that not only one, but TWO tapes of Kanye West’s intimacy acts are being shopped around. Yep, a second tape. This tape, allegedly lasts 40 minutes. No word on who’s featured with Yeezy in number two, but we’ve heard flicks are his things and there’s plenty more out in the universe. Meanwhile, the alleged woman in the first sex minute tape, has spoken out. What is she saying? Well, she goes by the name of Monyy Monyy aka Mony Mon and she says it’s not her in the tape. On twitter, she writes:

“Some loser/fan has lots of free time to steal my pictures from instagram and upload them to different websites wow somebody needs to get sue. I am just reading all these tweets, and i am lost!. I have no idea what you guys are talking about, THERE IS NO such thing as sex tape of me”

And if you’re wondering how Yeezy’s sex tape leaked? Reportedly, it was stolen from his computer. Stay tuned, as it appears that this story is going nowhere, slowly.