Deion Sanders Pissed At Paying $10K in Monthly Child Support

Public drama between Deion Sander and his wife, Pilar, has died down for the past few months. Until recently. According to reports, Deion is none too pleased about the amount of monthly child support that he’s been forced to pay. What’s all the fuss about? Monthly, Deion has been shelling out $10,000 for their children. He claims that this amount is actually SIX TIMES more than Texas law requires.

What does Pilar say? She suggests that the amount is more than fair, as their children are pretty expensive for the single mother monthly (with $450 for haircuts, $2,000/month for a special diet for the kids, $900/month on uniforms and shoes for the kids’ sports activities and $500/ month on the children’s cell phones). What’s more is Pilar says that her estranged husband is worth at least $250 million. Meanwhile, the courts will have to duke this one out, as Deion has filed docs in Texas Supreme Court challenging the support order.