[WATCH] Did Arsenio Exploit VINE Child Star TerRio?

terRio visits arsenio hall 2014-new dance-the jasmine brand

new dance-terRio visits arsenio hall 2014-the jasmine brand

Chances are, by now you’ve heard of virtual child star, TerRio. For those who aren’t familiar with him, he’s a 6-year-old kid that became famous for his Vine clips. The ‘net first introduced to the world after his older cousin Maleek posted a funny Vine of him doing a dance on the basketball court. Since then, a number of clips of TerRio in action, went viral at lightening speed.

Over a 74K followers later, TerRio, with the help of his cousin, has become a celebrity in his own right. He’s made a number of appearances, getting paid for hosting gigs and is often caught snapping photos with stars, per their request. Since rising to social media stardom, a few concerned fans have questioned whether he’s being taken advantage of by the public.

backstage-terRio visits arsenio hall 2014-the jasmine brand

On Friday night, TerRio made his first appearance on the popular late night talk, the Arsenio Hall Show. The charming kid sat across from Arsenio, explaining how he became popular. He explains:

I was outside and I was playing basketball and Maleek was like, ‘I’m finna record him’ and it went global.

After Arsenio asked if he always knew that he’d be famous, TerRio simply replied: No, I was just doing it. [Just] Doing my thang. During their discussion, Arsenio did note that some are concerned about TerRio’s weight. The pint-size star did confirm that he plans to lose weight, as soon as he gets over 250K retweets. He joked:

I’m losing weight, but I’m gaining money.

Check out TerRio in action, while he introduces his new dance for Arsenio.

P.S. While scrolling through Twitter, we peeped that a few viewers weren’t amused that Arsenio had invited TerRio on the show. Some, not all, even suggested that Arsenio was taking advantage of a child.

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What are your thoughts? Did Arsenio take advantage of the young Vine Star? Or was he simply providing him with exposure, as he would any other celeb? 

group shot-terRio visits arsenio hall 2014-the jasmine brand

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