Eva Marcille & Denyce Lawton Reveal All in ‘Girlfriend Confidential’

We recently caught up with actress Denyce Lawton of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and model/actress/entrepreneur Eva Marcille on their new reality show ‘Girlfriend Confidential’ premiering on Oxygen this September.

The show centers around four friends who are trying to maintain a balance between love, relationships, careers and Hollywood. In addition to Eva and Denyce, the show’s cast also includes Kelly Marie Dunn, a talent/brand manager for A-list celebs and Nikki Chu, a dynamic interior and product designer. Check out what Eva and Denyce had to say about their lives and what we can expect from the show.

[Eva] on the purpose of the reality show:

We want to tell the real life struggles of actors/actresses, the nitty gritty…what we go through…when I did this show I wanted it to be real friends, not a mock up…

[Denyce] on if there’s anything in her professional or personal life off limits:

I’m pretty much an open book, but it’s not just me that’s affected by my break up or my brother’s death.

[Eva] on her relationship with Tyra Banks:

Tyra and I are still good friends, she still encourages me…she and Benny Medina managed me for a few years.

[Eva] on comments made by Rep. Todd Akin on “legitimate rape”:

I was shocked…the idea that a woman’s body should naturally shut down during rape??

[Eva] on her college experience and if she feels that college is necessary:

Everyone on the show had some sort of college experience…I know the reason for my success has to do with education.  Getting discipline, setting goals, etc…now, everything that I did has equipped me for this business.

[Denyce] on how her music industry/label experience prepared her for Hollywood:

I was lucky to work with the top of the top…Jay-Z, Queen Latifah, Sylvia Rhone…I was able to transfer my strength to the acting world. Also, it’s a man’s world…we have to demand respect. I have a lot of self worth.

‘Girlfriend Confidential’ premieres tomorrow September 3rd at 11pm on Oxygen.  Check out the press release here. Will you tune in or pass?