[Video & Photos] Miami Heats NBA Championship Ring Ceremony

Tuesday evening, the Miami Heat received their tricked out 2012 NBA Championship ring. Teaming up with leading ring designer Jostens for the creation, we’ve got the details on the fancy personalized ring.

  • Each ring includes symbols of the HEAT championship legacy and is made of 14K white and yellow gold, with 219 diamonds (46 custom princess cut) totaling 10.8 carats, three custom onyx stones, and weighs in at 115 grams.
  • The top features the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy in 14-karat yellow gold, featuring one round, half carat cut diamond set in the basketball of the trophy, while the Heat logo sits atop the trophy with 31 round brilliant cut diamonds.
  • The words “WORLD” and “CHAMPIONS” frame the top of the ring. “FAMILY” is inscribed below the two trophies. The HEAT and NBA logos are positioned to the right of the trophies.
  • The other side features the individual’s name and the year 2012. Below the name is the ALL IN Team Championship Trophy. On the base of the trophy are 16 bars in yellow gold that represent each win during the playoffs. Surrounding the onyx trophy is a circle created with the numbers of the 15 players who made up the 2012 championship team. The inside of the ring reads: “FORGED IN THE FIRE BETWEEN A HAMMER AND ANVIL”. Way too much info for you? Of course it is. Peep the clip of the ceremony.

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/43peij85JEA[/youtube]

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