Hustle Harder: Oprah Winfrey Hops Into Food Game, Launching Organic Food Line

Rumor has it, Oprah Winfrey is hopping into the food industry, launching her own organic food line. You need proof? Last month, online filings for the US Patent and Trademark Organization, several applications for “Oprah’s Organics” were filed. In addition to food being listed (organic salad dressings and frozen vegetables, soups, beverages and snack dips), items like bath soaps, sunscreen, massage oils, hair products were listed.

What’s more? Applications for “Oprah’s Farm” for a beverage and catering service and “Oprah’s Harvest” were also submitted.

A rep for Oprah told Page Six:

“The trademarks were filed for Oprah’s farm on Maui to enable the farm to grow and distribute produce on Maui and throughtout the Hawaiian Islands.”

What do you think of Oprah’s latest business venture? And would you eat organic food, with the lady O’s stamp of approval?
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