Gloria Govan Takes Credit for BBall Wives Spin-Off, Shaunie O’Neal Responds

Monday evening, part 1 of the Basketball Wives LA reunion special aired. During the episode, Gloria Govan made a comment, as she and her reality co-star, Bambi, were arguing. In short, she explained that had it not been for her, a Basketball Wives LA spin-off show would not exist. As a backstory, initially, Gloria was casted on the original Basketball Wives, which was located in Miami. She spent two full seasons on the show, relocated to LA with her boyfriend at the time (Matt Barnes) and then became one of the lead cast members on the spin-off. There’s been speculation that the reason that she was put on the spin-off, was because one of the show’s creator, Shaunie O’Neal, no longer wanted her on the show. So what’s the big deal? After Gloria made the comment,

“Without me, there would have been no Basketball Wives LA spin-off,”

A few folk (in the reunion audience and on twitter) chimed in, giving their two cents.

In fact, the very vocal Evelyn Lozada (who has been on Basketball Wives-Miami for four seasons), was none too pleased when she heard about Gloria’s comments. On twitter, she wrote:

I just need to make something CLEAR! It is because of @ShaunieONealcreating BBW Miami,Shed Media & @VH1 that there is a “SPIN-OFF”#CarryOn I usually don’t comment & stay in my lane, but the truth is the truth! SMH

And what was Shaunie’s response to Evelyn?

Thank u Boo! I’ve been telling myself 2 put the phone down#iwontaddresstrash lol

What do you think about Gloria’s comments? Technically, is she correct in taking credit for the spin-off? And what about Evelyn and Shaunie’s twitter comments?