Move Over Rihanna, Karrueche Debuts Her First Lingerie Photo

With three simple words:

Merry Christmas Baby

Karrueche is pulling a card from Rihanna’s play book. Over the weekend, the rumored ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown, shared a sexy photo of herself, to the world, via Instagram. What’s the big deal? Quite frankly, we can count on one hand, how many times, we’ve seen Karrueche scantily dressed, in lingerie, in public.

Some speculate that she’s channeling her inner Rihanna (who is known for posting half-nude photos of herself, oozing sexiness), while we speculate that this photo is simply of from her recent shoot. Nonetheless, she’s giving us something to talk and stare about. What do you think–> is Karrueche begging for Instagram attention or giving her fans (and trollers) an innocent sex-kitten photo?