[New Music] Meek Mill Hops on Bridget Kelly’s ‘In the Morning’

To date, this has got to be one of my favorite Bridget Kelly’s songs. Titled, ‘In the Morning’, the New York native sings about a woman only having the courage to tell a man how she REALLY feels, after she’s had one (or thrice) too many drinks. Adding Meek Mill to the hook, the Philly rapper rhymes:

Last night, I text every chick in my call log….And in the morning–they all call. And I ain’t answer….I brushed the calls off, cuz I’m laid up w my young chick and I think I hit it raw-dogged…cuz I can’t find the wrapper, it was the morning after. I don’t remember nothing from the night before it happened….I remember we was f**** I told her that I loved it….I woke up in the mornin’…I told myself I’m buggin….It was shots of Patron–Ciroc that I was on…

Take a listen below.