UPDATE: Ne-Yo’s Baby Mama Big Sade Speaks Out After Claiming He Body Slammed Her: ‘I Wasn’t Antagonizing, I Was Pressing The Line’

Big Sade, Ne-Yo

UPDATE: Ne-Yo’s Baby Mama Big Sade Speaks Out After Claiming He Body Slammed Her: ‘I Wasn’t Antagonizing, I Was Pressing The Line’

Update (April 25, 2024 12:06pm ET): Big Sade is addressing her critics. After going live during a heated exchange between her and Ne-Yo, Big Sade took to her Instagram Story on Thursday (April 25) to double down on her decision.

“All this because I just want the best for the ones who need the love and affection the most. False narratives and empty promises. I’ll be the villain. If that means standing up for the ONLY thing that matters. I don’t feel bad about shi. I wasn’t antagonizing, I WAS PRESSING THE LINE. 4 all the RIGHT reasons.”

She continued,

“Yall sit here flip flopping speaking on shii yall know NOTHING ABOUT. Yall have no idea of what any truth is from ANY point of view. Ain’t never heard a got d*mn peep out of me.”

She added that she’s never publicly shared that Ne-Yo is the father of her two sons.

“Yall swear I was that lady karma and now yall swear this mine. So wtf yall got bf and bd problems fa? Lmao yall sh*t just not on the internet.”

She ended with a message for those who call people like her and Katt Williams “mad or bitter” only to

“turn around and find out WE BE RIGHT.”

“But this is the age of the truth. I will sit bk and let the truth unfold. He can let me look like the bad guy but he KNOWS my heart and my intentions are PURE. All i ask for is do right by the ones who is needing you the most right now. That’s all, I’m passionate.”

Original Story (April 25, 2024 8:23am ET) Ne-Yo‘s baby mama Big Sade is attempting to expose him.

On Wednesday (April 24), she went live on social media, revealing a heated conversation the two were having. In the video Big Sade, who is taping the incident and not seen on camera, shows Ne-Yo as she calls him “Diddy Junior” and tells him,

“Tell them about the freak off.”

Big Sade was referencing allegations against Diddy. He is currently being sued by multiple people for sexual assault, sex trafficking, and drugging alleged victims. In the first of many lawsuits against the Bad Boy executive, his former girlfriend Cassie said he forced her to have sex with male prostitutes while he filmed. He allegedly called the sexual encounters “freak offs.” In his lawsuit against Diddy, producer Lil Rod said the music mogul often had sex parties known as “freak offs.”

Ne-Yo and Big Sade have two children togetherBraiden – who they reportedly welcomed in 2021, and Brixton who came in February of last year. Their first child was born while Ne-Yo was still married to his now ex-wife Crystal Renay. 

In her footage, Big Sade noted that Ne-Yo started to call the police. She adds,

“You know what you did. You body slammed me on the floor, come on.”

She later urges Ne-Yo to,

“Tell them the real you. Tell them the real you. Tell them the real you and why we’re here today. Tell them why we’re here today. Remove me, why?”


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Ne-Yo then accuses her to “starting a commotion,” to which she asks how. He responds,

“All of that is irrelevant once you started throwing sh*t and getting loud…”

Big Sade continues calling out Ne-Yo, claiming,

“He wants h*es over the house while his kids is here. You like to have h*es, drugs, and weed, alcohol, mushrooms, and prostitutes in the house while [your] kids are here. Everyone has asked him to stop but he will not listen to nobody. This is what’s going on, this is the tea.”

She says she asked Ne-Yo “not to bring” other women into the home.

“I even came over to help him with these f*cking kids ’cause he won’t watch these kids.”


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