Off-Camera Tension Brewing Between TV Personalities Tamar Braxton & Claudia Jordan

It appears that some tension is brewing between two new, TV colleagues. This week, an episode of ‘Tiny Tonight‘ aired, a new late night talk show, featuring Tiny and her friends, rapper Trina, TV personality Claudia Jordan, singer/reality star Tamar Braxton and BFF Shekinah. So who from the new show seems to be sorta-kinda beefin’? From the looks of things, Tamar and Claudia. Apparently, during an episode, the two had a difference of opinion. And while that doesn’t seem like such a big deal, some slight shade was thrown on twitter while the show aired. We can’t tell exactly who started it, but check out the exchange below. 

We can’t tell if this simply for ratings, a difference of TV opinion OR if something behind-the-scenes went down while filming…but in either case it’s sorta kinda funny. Anyway, carry on:)