Ear Hustlin: K.Michelle Reportedly Attacks Mimi Faust Backstage at NYC Concert

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The season doesn’t start until April, but the drama has already popped off with the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The latest involves K.Michelle and Mimi Faust. Earlier Tuesday, K.Michelle was on popular radio show ‘The Breakfast Club’, promoting her upcoming album. At one point during the interview, she gave her two cents on Mimi’s new boyfriend, Niko. Long story short (and you can watch the entire interview here), K.Michelle said that she thought Mimi’s boyfriend was

‘down low’.

Fast forward to later in the evening and an alleged altercation took place at K.Michelle’s show at NYC’s BB Kings. Here’s what an insider backstage told us. Mimi and Ariane Davis (another LHHA cast member) went to K.Michelle’s show, to support her. At some point, Mimi and K.Michelle exchanged words about what had been said earlier (about Mimi’s boyfriend) on the radio. Things got heated and allegedly, K.Michelle open-faced slapped Mimi and walked off.  So what’s the real issue between K.Michelle and Mimi? Sources say that an ‘incident’ happened while they were filming recently. K.Michelle got into it with Niko, Mimi’s boyfriend (we’re not sure how the argument started), on the set of Niko’s video shoot (we’re told that K.Michelle was invited by Mimi). Words were exchanged and K.Michelle said some not-so-nice-sexual things about Niko, allegedly dropping the ‘F’ word a few times. We’re not sure what exactly was said by Niko. Anywho, K. Michelle felt that Mimi should have intervened. And from that point on, K. Michelle has felt like Mimi betrayed her, by not defending her at the video shoot, instead siding with her boyfriend. Fast forward to Tuesday night and apparently the tension got the best of the two, ending with K.Michelle slapping her. We don’t know who to believe, but stay tuned..as more info is sure to come out. #Ouch.