(EXCLUSIVE) Eminem Settles Legal Battle With Rapper Accusing Him of Stealing Music



theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers) has settled the legal battle with an unknown rapper who accused him of stealing his music without paying him a dime, with the musician dismissing the entire lawsuit per the deal he signed with Slim Shady.

Raymond Jones – a rapper from the group Hotstylz – filed a federal lawsuit against Eminem earlier this year accusing him of jacking his music.

The rapper accused Slim Shady and his record label Shady Records of sampling his song “Lookin Boy” without permission in the hit song “Rap God”. The man sued Eminem for 8 million dollars in damages for stealing his track.

Eminem fired back at the no-name rapper’s claims he stole his song. He explains that the lawsuit filed by Jones is vague and confusing. Further, he says that he is a Grammy Award winning artist and clearly he wouldn’t steal from someone nobody has heard of before.

The rapper says that Jones didn’t explain any other similarities between the two tracks — besides the fact they both have the lyric “looking boy”. Eminem says if the court would just listen to the songs side by side, while they both are in the rap genre, they are vastly different musical and lyrically.

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Eminem said the lyrics of “Looking Boy” are simply a bunch of silly insults, talking about someone needing to brush his teeth, calling out a person for wearing a Sponge Bob t-shirt and telling someone to brush their hair.

He said his song on the other hand is much more sophisticated and has depth to it by talking about the history of rap, his own place in that history throughout his career and his lyrical prowess as a rapper.

Slim Shady said if anything his song renewed interest in “Looking Boy” and didn’t cause Jones any damages and demanded the entire lawsuit be dismissed without any money being awarded to the no-name rapper.

According to docs filed on January 29th, Marshall Mathers and Jones reached a settlement and were working out the final details of the agreement.

Then recently, the federal court judge came back and dismissed the entire case and all claims against Eminem due to the agreement that the parties reached in the matter. The case was closed fully on February 24th.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams